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Oil Painting  


I am using different themes in my oil painting as well as different techniques  suitable for various ideas.

It changes from time to time, but it usually comes to the following themes:


1.  Landscape  and landscape elements of trees, the desert  or rocks, mountains, water, plants, etc.

2.  Reflections are a very fascinating element which I use in various ways, for instance in sybolising ideas or to  bring out the movement and texture of the water or combine it with strange objects to bring a message over.

3.  Human faces combined with landscapes to symbolise the invíronment problems  caused by man.

4.  I use abstract forms combined with lanscapes or nature elements in many compositions.

5.  I use music and visualise the compositions of Jean Sibelius and John Cage into oil paintings using landscapes ideas.  The works are totally based on the emotional experience.

Invironment - 60x80 cm Oil on Canvas
Water Future - 120x80 cm - Oil on Canvas

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Cage VIII - 50x70 cm - Oil on Canvas

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